Delhaize insights: Customer centricity

At Delhaize Group, customer centricity is a key part of our strategy. We foster a customer centric culture within our company through strong values and actionable promises to all our stakeholders. We back up these customer centric values and promises with investments that directly benefit our customers.

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    Food Lion “Easy , Fresh and Affordable…You Can Count on Food Lion Every Day!”

    In 2015, as part of Food Lion’s “Easy, Fresh and Affordable…You Can Count on Food Lion Every Day!” strategy and in order to ensure that customers are at the forefront of decisions every day, Food Lion accelerated its on-going customer centric training to associates. Food Lion also completed a $250 million capital investment in 162 stores in the greater Raleigh, North Carolina market to improve the overall store experience with enhanced product selections for customers, better service through faster checkouts and fresher products at affordable prices, especially in produce, meats and deli.

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    Delhaize Serbia adapts “Count on me!” training for associates

    “Count on me!” training was adapted from best practices developed at Food Lion and provided to over 9 000 Delhaize Serbia associates, enabling them to provide the best in customer service to our customers.

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    Evolving towards an improved mindset focused on the customer at Delhaize Belgium

    In Belgium, the focus in 2015 was on using the momentum built as part of the Transformation Plan, a plan to guarantee a sustainable future for our Belgian operations where we aim to use cost savings to invest in our commercial strategy, stores, supply chain and training of our associates. As part of the Transformation Plan, training in best customer service practices was provided to our associates at Delhaize Belgium in 2015. Delhaize Belgium also continued its “Buy well, eat well” campaign which focused on, (among others) providing the best shopping experience, the highest quality and value, and being a leader in selling local products.

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    Hannaford – Power of you!

    Hannaford’s “Power of you” campaign was designed so that every Hannaford associate, at every level of the company, understands the impact they have on the business. Training is provided to every Hannaford associate when they join, with a focus on empowering associates to use their unique talents to solve customer problems and provide the best possible customer service every day.